About mAdme

Founded in 2013, mAdme is revolutionizing Engagement by seamlessly connecting mobile operators and enterprises to their customers, linking them with on-device content that is relevant and on-point in a clear, simple, and non-intrusive way.

The platform is currently deployed to mobile operators globally, including engaging with over hundreds of millions of customers, processing billions of triggers, views, and conversions.



With customers across North America, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean, mAdme is helping mobile Operators to create real value, delivering a more personal brand experience directly into the hands of customers.

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Triona Mullane


Nora Buckley

VP Customer Delivery

David Manzor

VP Product

Liam Griffin


Gerry Carolan

VP Engineering 

Our Team

mAdme's management have a long history of successful innovation in the mobile space. 

This team has been at the forefront of many industry-changing technologies including mobile messaging and mobile cloud, and is committed to realizing the full potential of mobile engagement.