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Scaled to support hundreds of millions of users, the mAdme platform provides the tools you need to segment & engage your subscriber base and analyse campaign results.

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Rich Customer Profile
Build up a rich profile of your subscribers with attributes gathered from multiple sources including device usage, custom operator attributes and real-time data.
Dynamic Audience Targeting
Create dynamic, highly targeted audiences for your campaigns which update automatically based on subscriber behaviour and attributes.
Use highly configurable logic to ensure subscribers are messaged in accordance with your communications business rules.
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Campaign Triggers

The Impact Conversion Platform supports a massive range of triggers by which to determine the very best moment to present a campaign to your subscribers. Timing is fundamental to increasing view and conversion rates. Contact us for more information on the range of triggers available.

Campaign Delivery

Each campaign can be tailored to be delivered in a way which is most appropriate to the message. Select from in-app (eg interstitials, banners) or out-of-app delivery methods (eg PUSH, overlays).

Media Formats

Select the best content type to turbo-boost your message. Choose from rich media formats such as images, audio and video as well as interactive HTML and surveys. All optimized before being delivered to the device to minimise on data and maximise the user experience.


Campaign Actions

Choose from a wide array of Actions which the subscriber can take when engaging with your campaign - increase conversion rates by removing barriers and by-passing complicated purchase flows.

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Keep up-to-date with campaign progress and performance with reporting dashboards monitoring deliveries, views, clicks and dismisses.

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Analyse subscriber behaviour to update existing segments or create new segments.

A/B Testing

Carry out A/B testing to determine which triggers, media, delivery methods and actions perform best for any given campaign.


Integrate with other analytics tools to combine data from multiple platforms.


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ImpactConversion Platform

mAdme’s ImpactConversion Platform is built on a world-class architecture, designed specifically for Mobile Operators.

Deployment Options

Supports different deployment options from public cloud to private cloud to hybrid.


Proven scalability to over 100 million devices in a single operator deployment.


All platform capabilities exposed by a rich and robust set of APIs.

Integration Points

Multiple integration points to Mobile Operator systems.

Supporting the following platforms:

  • iOS

  • Android

  • Cordova

  • ReactNative

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