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Solutions for Every Customer Touch point

Helping mobile operators globally to deliver on their digital initiatives across Customer Experience, Customer Care, Marketing and Customer Value Management​

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Use automated segmentation and real-time attributes to identify the best upsell and cross-sell opportunities for subscribers as well as knowing exactly the right moment to make these available.



Mobile operators using mAdme CXM campaigns see a 40% plus response rate when soliciting user feedback through a range of visually engaging interactions presented to users at appropriate and relevant times.


Mobile operators using mAdme CXM campaigns see a 40% plus response rate when soliciting user feedback through a range of visually engaging interactions presented to users at appropriate and relevant times 



mAdme enables mobile operators to maximise the value of their digital care channels while reducing traffic to Call Centres with proactive, reactive and rea-time interventions.

Customer Value
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Customer Value

Subscriber Attributes

Use real-time subscriber attributes to upsell and cross-sell operator services such as pre-pay credit and data bundles.

Improve Visibility

Improve discoverability of current offers and packages available to subscribers in an automatically curated Offers Inbox in the operator app.


Reduce Clicks to Purchase

Increase in-app transactions by reducing the number of clicks to purchase.

Customer Behaviour

Harness customer behaviour to maximise upsell opportunities like offering roaming bundles if the subscriber is travelling abroad.


Customer Experience

CXM Campaigns

Ensure CXM campaigns are timely and relevant by triggering only based on customer behaviour


Design and build rich, interactive surveys to gather voice-of-the-customer data.


The mAdme platform is used extensively by mobile operators globally to obtain NPS scores as well as more detailed customer satisfaction feedback on specific operator services such as network quality and Customer Care responsiveness.

Campaign Data

Use campaign results to drive service improvements.

Response Rates

5X uplift in response rates compared to traditional delivery mechanisms such as SMS and email.

Conditional Logic

Choose from simple single-click ratings to more complex questionnaires with conditional logic.

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Customer Experience
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Brand Awareness

Increase brand awareness and loyalty with targeted campaigns through a new digital marketing channel direct to the mobile device.

Targeted Public Service Announcements

Send public service announcements for special events based on geographic location or customer attributes.

Increase App Installs

Drive operator app installs, activity and retention with targeted campaigns based on subscriber lifecycle.

Personalised Messages

Personalise your marketing messages with rich subscriber data.

Customer Care


Reach out to your subscribers before a support issue arises. For example, target customers in areas of potential outage due to storms and keep them updated on service status.


Raise subscriber awareness of self-care channels following a call to customer care. For example, direct the subscriber to pay their bill in the app next time.


Present alternative care options to a subscriber during a call to the call centre. For example, direct subscribers to online chat if there are long wait times.

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Customer Care
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