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What Does Facebook Say About Better Ad Formats? - Facebook's COO Sheryl Sandberg

Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg, offers insight on how the company is pushing clients to take advantage of the smartphone revolution

Sandberg in an interview with Fast Company talks about how "..we're living through the fastest adoption of a communication technology that the world has ever seen,". Consumers have moved to mobile, yet businesses "haven't quite gotten there". Of the 4 million advertisers on Facebook, only 40% are creating mobile specific ads.

Sandberg, in another interview with Colleen DeCourcy, CCO of Wieden + Kennedy's, talked about Facebook's shift from desktop to mobile in the last five years, and how there is ample opportunity for creatives to take full advantage of the gap in the mobile advertising market. In the first quarter of 2017, Facebook made $8.03 billion, with 85% of that revenue coming from mobile advertising.

Sandberg goes on to state that "We (Facebook) absolutely prioritized our newsfeed and mobile revenue over our desktop revenue and five years later, we have four of the biggest mobile platforms in the world.. Organizations don't move quickly so you often have to overcorrect to get there." The shift to mobile advertising is clear for any conscious eye to see, (read Mary Meeker's report on the 'Shift to Mobile Advertising), but what does this mean for ad formats and creatives?

Are some businesses being rigid in their ways, or are they just ill informed? Why, with Facebook's 4 million advertisers, are only 40% creating mobile specific ads? When 90% of Facebook traffic is via mobile? Is it too daunting for creatives to even consider changing traditional media formats/layouts to the 'relatively unknown'? Or are some businesses still ill-informed?

Must businesses and creatives reconsider all they've learned in the last decade?

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