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Driving Personal Cloud Adoption for Mobile Operators

With each new phone launched to the market the quality of the camera gets better and better. Standalone cameras are now a thing of the past for everyone except professional photographers and photography enthusiasts. Most other people are more than happy with the quality of the camera on their phone and use it to capture their life memories through photo and video. This trend has resulted in an explosion of digital content looking for a place to call home.

This explosion is good news for providers of Personal Cloud services, services which allow users to back up the gigabytes of photos and videos from their phone and other devices into a safe location in the cloud. These services meet two user needs, firstly they provide users with a safe place to store and access their valuable memories should anything happen to their devices, and secondly, they allow users to delete the content from their devices to free up storage space after it has been backed up to the cloud. Reports such as this one from Market Research Futures forecasts the global Personal Cloud market to be worth USD 125B by the end of 2023 with a growth rate of 44%.

With forecasts like this it is not surprising that many firms are launching Personal Cloud services to keep users’ memories safe. Unfortunately however, many backup providers who promised to keep photos safe forever are no longer operating. It turns out that it’s not exactly cheap to get all that content into the cloud and store it there (revenue at Amazon AWS was $45B in 2020). So in order to provide a successful, long lasting Personal Cloud service which users can trust you need to have the right business model in place.

At the heart of any good business model are customers, users who adopt the service and will hopefully become a source of recurring revenue. Enter Mobile Operators, who already have a loyal subscriber base, many of whom have purchased their phones from the same operator. Offering a safe place for these subscribers to keep their digital content seems like a natural extension of other services being offered by operators. The challenge, however, as with all new digital services is raising awareness and driving adoption. The majority of operator Personal Clouds require the user to install a dedicated app, separate to the operator’s self-care app which typically attract high install rates due to the account management features provided. Convincing users to download a Personal Cloud app is a little more challenging.

“mAdme’s patented digital engagement platform has been helping its operator customers with this very challenge of driving Personal Cloud adoption.”

mAdme’s patented digital customer engagement platform has been helping its operator customers with this very challenge of driving Personal Cloud adoption. mAdme’s new Storage trigger is the latest smart trigger to be added to an already long list of triggers mAdme use to inspect what’s happening on a device with the goal of targeting users with the right offer at exactly the right time. The Storage trigger is being used by operators to detect when a user’s device is nearly out of space. When the device storage reaches a configurable threshold, the user is warned that they are running out of space and offered a free Personal Cloud trial to back up their digital content so space can be freed up on the phone. Using other smart triggers to determine when a user is most likely to engage, a patented mAdme customisable, rich media message is presented to the user. Tapping on the message takes the user to the Personal Cloud app install page in the Google Play or Apple app store if the app is not already installed. If the app is already on the phone then an alternative message is presented to the user to drive engagement which, when tapped, launches the Personal Cloud app and takes the user into a specific user journey within the app, for example, the set-up flow. The platform is also used to convert free trial users into paying users and to ensure users have the service configured to back up their content.

This use case is just one of dozens enabled by the mAdme platform and its set of smart triggers which are currently being used by mobile operators to drive their digital engagement initiatives with their subscribers. To hear more about this use case or any of the others just drop us a line or connect on LinkedIn.


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