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Sharper insights, greater engagement: Telcos turn to mAdme for personalised customer engagement

It’s probably fair to say that not many neutrals were really looking forward to last December’s FIFA World Cup. A summer tournament in winter?! Air-conditioning units the size of double decker buses and horror stories about the price of a beer. (In the end, Qatar solved the latter problem by banning the sale of alcohol at all stadia.)

Once the tournament started, however, the ambivalence melted away. A combination of huge upsets and brilliant matches quickly reeled in the global audience – and the viewing figures were off the charts. FIFA says that “around 5 billion people” engaged with the tournament, with the final alone achieving a global reach of a whopping 1.5 billion viewers.

Using mAdme’s platform, one telecoms giant saw a 35% click rate on marketing campaigns promoting its World Cup streaming service.

With that volume of eyes on the tournament, it’s no surprise that the World Cup was the ideal platform for brands to roll out their most innovative, eye-catching campaigns. For telecoms operators in particular, the event was a golden opportunity to ramp up customer engagement with apps and other valuable digital assets.

By offering exclusive access to things like live streaming and post-match analysis, savvy telecoms giants were able to interact with customers at different stages of the app experience; suggest fresh content based on previous downloads and interactions; and generally keep people engaged for longer.

Targeted mobile engagement

Using mAdme’s platform, one telecoms giant saw a 35% click rate on marketing campaigns promoting its World Cup streaming service. Indeed, the way telecoms operators leveraged Qatar 2022 to drive customer engagement with apps shows that targeted mobile engagement is now utterly indispensable to any successful digital strategy. Add the rise of 5G and rocketing levels of mobile screen time and it’s clear that engaging with customers on the go is now the holy grail of digital marketing.

In this respect, telecoms operators have learned much from the growth of OTT apps, which disrupted the traditional telecoms model by offering consumers alternative communication and content options. In order to keep pace with the likes of Netflix, Disney+, Hulu et al, telecoms providers are increasingly personalising the services they offer to customers.

There are a couple of trends worth keeping an eye on here. One is the way that telecoms operators are tapping into the power of AI to deliver highly personalised (therefore more effective) offers and curated content to customers based on their browsing and purchasing behaviours.

Another is the way that both in-app and out-of-app messaging is helping those same operators to cross-promote different apps and assets to consumers. By reaching people who are actively engaging with one app, for example, operators stand a fair chance of getting these users to sign up for another, similar or synergistic app. The more contextual the experience, the more native it feels.

For telecoms operators, the ultimate aim is to create a ‘virtuous circle’ where the development of mobile strategy not only increases customer engagement with digital assets, but also produces valuable data and insights that can be used to further personalise customer offers and services for a better overall experience.

mAdme’s personalised customer experience

To achieve this ideal-world scenario, many of the world’s biggest telecoms providers continue to turn to mAdme Technologies. Our mobile customer engagement platform uses unique device data to generate powerful, relevant customer insights which, when combined with mAdme’s rich media communication channels and on-device triggers, creates an incredibly personalised user experience.

The technology allows operators to optimise their mobile marketing strategies to engage better with subscribers, boosting their CVM engagement rate by delivering tailored offers that get noticed.

mAdme is at the cutting edge of this mobile strategy. Uniquely focussed on the telecoms industry, we are pioneering the technology for personalised customer engagements with our AI-fuelled device-driven customer data, giving telecoms operators the insights they need to optimize their mobile marketing strategy and meet spiralling growth targets.

Our patented, award-winning customer engagement platform is tailor-made to help you achieve your growth targets. Contact us today for a free demo and experience its unique capabilities for yourself.

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