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Divided Attention: How to Engage with Dwindling Attention Spans

A well published, and quite humorous statistic often thrown around the marketing world is that a humans attention span is now lower than that of the often slandered, absent-minded goldfish. A report by statisticbrain not only provides these important statistics, but it has also interfered with evolution and created a new race, the web-user human. A quick look at these statistics simply states, yes the human attention span has dropped a remarkable 4 seconds in 15 years, but the study fails to show further insights in to dramatic lifestyle changes that have occurred since then. In the last two decades, a piece of technology (the mobile) has become an extension of the human body. This little bu

What Does Facebook Say About Better Ad Formats? - Facebook's COO Sheryl Sandberg

Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg, offers insight on how the company is pushing clients to take advantage of the smartphone revolution Sandberg in an interview with Fast Company talks about how "..we're living through the fastest adoption of a communication technology that the world has ever seen,". Consumers have moved to mobile, yet businesses "haven't quite gotten there". Of the 4 million advertisers on Facebook, only 40% are creating mobile specific ads. Sandberg, in another interview with Colleen DeCourcy, CCO of Wieden + Kennedy's, talked about Facebook's shift from desktop to mobile in the last five years, and how there is ample opportunity for creatives to take full advantage of the gap

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