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When Does Mobile Usage Verge on the Intrusive?

Smartphones can obviously enhance the lives of their users. Increasingly however, using smartphones in some social settings can be deemed rude, ignorant and downright dangerous. Usage of smartphones have led us to become a multi-tasking species. So much so in fact, advice proliferates on how to hone our multi-tasking skills and counteract potential brain deficiencies arising from extended usage. Medical Daily for example suggest we should be '...learning to juggle or learning a map to increase the grey matter densities in the brain..'.

In our chart populated with statistics from Deloitte Mobile Consumer Survey 2016; it is clear that phones are often used simultaneously whilst engaging in another activity. There are however several important activities where phones are believed to be a huge interference.

What does this mean for our mobile interaction as a digital channel to our audience? Previously we covered how to address the dwindling attention span of the modern human. This still holds true. However, what is clear now also is due regard must be paid to ensuring our interactions do not endanger, or over-complicate our interaction with our customers. As a business, or as a human for that matter, we need to identify and understand multitasking so that we can recognise when to interact to receive the best rate of return. Use a solution that ensures your advert / engagement presentation time can be controlled – so that you minimise the red zones where danger is most likely, and maximise the respectful moments where a consumer is most likely to appreciate your interaction where there is fair value exchange between both parties.

mAdme is revolutionizing Mobile Advertising and Engagement by seamlessly connecting mobile operators and brands to customers, linking them with on-device content that is relevant and on-point in a clear, simple and non-intrusive way.

With customers across North America, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean, mAdme is helping mobile operators to create real value for brands and advertisers, delivering a more personal brand experience directly into the hands of customers. For more information on mAdme's unique capabilities visit our website or contact

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