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Omantel Partners With mAdme to Better Engage Digitally With Their Customers and Widen Revenue Stream

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DUBLIN, IRELAND / ACCESSWIRE / November 28, 2017 / mAdme, a leading digital marketing hub for operators that delivers the highest customer engagement rates through real-time, on-device contextual notifications, today announced that Omantel, the Sultanate's first and premier integrated telecommunications service provider, has chosen mAdme's ImpactConversion(TM) Platform to further lead the telecommunications industry in customer experience and innovation.

Engaging with millions of customers daily, Omantel has a proven track record of their unparalleled dedication to quality services and customer care that has allowed them to remain the number one telecommunications service provider for households and businesses in Oman. mAdme's ImpactConversion(TM) Platform will unlock an entirely new dimension of customer engagement for Omantel to increase relevant touch-points with customers to further enhance service and gather real-time, actionable feedback.

mAdme's ImpactConversion(TM) Platform is a mobile engagement platform that offers businesses the opportunity to engage with their customers through timely, relevant content delivered on-device using contextual triggers. Live deployment of relevant content has shown to improve customer engagement rates by up to 4 times compared to conventional triggers. Omantel, supporting local industry and innovation, has signed up via Sheikh Abdullah Al Rawahy's Innovative Modern Services (IMS) to roll out mAdme's Platform, Products and Solutions to:

  • Offer more personalized deals, services, and products based on customer activity

  • Gather more immediate feedback directly from customers for future improvements on service, quality, and care

"We are pleased to be working with mAdme's platform," commented Talal Said Al Mamari, CEO of Omantel. "Customer satisfaction is one of our top areas of focus and we are always looking for innovative ways to communicate and interact with our customers to better understand their experiences of the services we provide and their expectations. Through mAdme's platform, we will be able to enhance the engagement process with our customers at the right moment with exactly the right content. Whether by leaving feedback or receiving personalized offers, real-time touch-points will provide a good support to our customer engagement strategy."

Aside from the technological advancements the mAdme platform allows, the partnership between Omantel and mAdme is facilitated by Sheikh Abdullah Al Rawahy's local IMS vehicle.

About Omantel

Oman Telecommunications Company (Omantel) is the first integrated telecommunications company in the Sultanate of Oman. With a leading edge telecommunications services connecting individuals, enterprises and government across the country through a state-of-the-art network, the company offers an unmatched range of innovative products and after-sales service.

Today, Omantel provides the broadest choice, widest coverage and superior quality for broadband services across its fixed and mobile networks, and continues the rollout of its mobile and fixed networks aiming at providing enhanced customer experience to its customers throughout the Sultanate.

Having a strong international connectivity backed by local quality Telecom services has contributed to making Omantel the "Provider of Choice" for Oman's government institutions and large Corporates as the Company offers reliable and trusted communication services that meet the different needs of corporate customers no matter how complex their needs are.

Omantel, which has a very strong brand presence in Oman, has been voted by international independent firms, as the most valuable brand in the Sultanate as well as the best brand in Oman and among the Telecom sector in particular. Omantel also enjoys the privilege of being the largest listed company in the Muscat Securities Market in terms of market value, as of the end of September 2015.

In line with its strategy to ensure it is exceeding customer expectations, Omantel offers the broadest choice, widest coverage and state-of-the-art mobile and fixed broadband services. The company is also investing heavily in expanding its network to meet the needs of customers and to ensure they are being provided with the best customer experience.

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mAdme CEO Triona Mullane and Oman Telecom Chief Operating Officer Mr. Samy Al Ghassany signing the partnership agreement and overlooking the signing: -Tánaiste (Deputy Head of Government of Ireland) Frances Fitzgerald, Ambassador Tony Cotter, Oman Telecom CEO Sheikh Talal Al Mamari, Chief People Officer Omantel Dr Ghalib Al-Hosny, EI CEO Julie Sinnamon, CEO of IMS Oman Sheikh Abdulla Al Rawahi

About mAdme

Founded in 2011, mAdme is revolutionizing Mobile Advertising and Engagement by seamlessly connecting mobile Operators and brands to customers, linking them with on-device content that is relevant and on-point in a clear, simple, and non-intrusive way.

The mAdme ImpactConvertion(TM) platform product and solutions portfolio includes:

Customer Value Management Cloud: Provides businesses with the ability to engage with current customers through real-time, on-device notifications to deliver product and service-relevant content such as up-sell/cross-sell opportunities, billing/account information, pricing, loyalty rewards, roaming, and more. It allows automatic micro-segmentation targeting of the customer base to increase profitability.

Customer Experience Cloud: Customer Care (NPS) and ContextSurvey(TM) enables businesses to collect customer feedback and actionable insights in real-time through context-based triggers.

Marketing Cloud:

Delivers an enhanced marketing solution to amplify brand promotions and distribution of information.

Advertising Cloud: AdNumbers(TM) and AdLock(TM) provide Operators with an out-of-the-box platform solution to bring in new revenue streams as a new and coveted advertising vehicle, while businesses gain the opportunity to enhance digital advertising through promoting on-device, context-triggered specific campaigns with high ROIs.

The platform is currently running in various businesses globally, including engaging with over hundreds of millions of customers, processing billions of triggers, views and conversions.

With customers across North America, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean, mAdme is helping mobile Operators to create real value, delivering a more personal brand experience directly into the hands of customers.

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