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The Digital Evolution of Consumer Engagement

Historically, mobile operators have not considered Content, Search and OTT companies as competition. However, new revenue and relationship channels have now been established outside of the traditional operator owned Voice and SMS channels. Similarly, operators have not driven digital engagement in a substantial way, despite Digitisation appearing in most AGM presentations and portfolios.

Mobile operators have significant advantages over OTT companies.

  1. Visibility. OTT companies do not have the rich visibility into the totality of the consumers digital consumption. All of the app, web, SMS and voice usage and often broadband and VAS services are being processed by the network owners. This visibility is often understated and not utilised to its full legitimate potential.

  2. Direct Relationship. Mobile operators also have a DIRECT relationship with their consumers. Consumers interact with the call centres, shops, chat services.

  3. Trusted. They have a trusted BILLING relationship. When something goes wrong with any service on a mobile device, consumers don’t try to call Facebook or Google. They call YOU, the operator.

There is now an opportunity to ENGAGE with these consumers digitally in a manner that consumers have now become accustomed to through popular social apps with visual, well designed, rich experiences. From a mobile operator, which is governed by regulatory and data privacy obligations, consumers WELCOME trusted communications.

For example, as consumers:

  • We like to be informed if there is a better mobile plan that suits our consumption pattern.

  • We like to be informed of roaming bundles that will allow us stay connected without paying high roaming rates.

  • We like when operators prompt these messages WHEN they are RELEVANT to us. Not weeks before we go or after we return from travels, not lost in a SMS Inbox or not dismissed with the 20 other notifications we get.

It’s imperative that mobile operators seize this opportunity to nurture the relationship with their subscribers. The channel that operators communicate through MUST be more App and Digitally focussed. Consumers with smart phones expect nothing less than a digital interface that allows them to easily navigate through relevant offers for them, and easily find other offers they are seeking.

However, there is a crowded marketplace of Apps today which makes this task for operators relatively difficult. And all those apps want to notify, alert and grab the attention of consumers. Innovation is required on the part of the operators to stay relevant. This innovation comes in the form of operating a platform that allows for timely presentation of custom, relevant and respectful engagements to consumers, where and when they want and need them. Using the full power of the smartphone for visually stimulating and interactive moments.

The mAdme ImpactConversion Platform enables operators to manage their consumer engagements from a powerful, scalable, intuitive platform. It DIFFERENTIATES in its ability to present a huge range of media types, static and dynamic, in an array of screen sizes and formats, that are triggered by REAL-TIME actions from the handset. By understanding how the consumer is using the handset, you get to present the most engaging media at the most appropriate time. At absolutely massive scale.

Engage with 1 consumer or 150 million.


Jagadeesh Chava


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