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Spotlight on Mobile Advertising's $100bn opportunity in Meekers “Internet Trends Report 2017”

As the digital landscape matures, Mary Meeker's Internet Trends Report has become a trend of its own. mAdme eagerly await this voluminous viewpoint every year as part of the Recode conference. Here we look at the obvious advertising opportunity gap that has been highlighted again and how our market experience relates to that opportunity.

Meeker reports that mobile advertising now accounts for a $100bn market, of which 85% is accounted for by Alphabet & Facebook. Online growth is primarily mobile. Perhaps most tellingly there is a massive opportunity gap between Time Spent on Mobile vs $$$s Spent on mobile advertising – which illustrates another $16 Billion in the US alone of possible market growth!

Whilst OTT vendors like the big two above continue to move deeper into new media formats, new targeting strategies, new combinations of data, format, analytics and algorithms - Mobile Operators are constantly constrained by punitive regulatory obligations and a duty of care to customer mobile experience.

Mobile operators do have some distinct advantages over OTT vendors however. Nobody knows their customers better than a mobile provider. The network and CRM data is extremely rich. Consumers almost never reach out to an App vendor when their app isn’t working – they immediately call their mobile provider! This data provides phenomenally rich insights that can enable personalised, valid and engaging interactions for consumers.

However a basic conclusion of a Strategy Analytics latest report “Where Can Mobile Operators Succeed in Mobile Advertising?” is that businesses are failing to take advantage of the big, transparent data, which can be gathered, measured and targeted with much less constraints from Mobile Campaigns.

Additionally, Meeker's report shows how much more effective Mobile Advertising can be when used as fully-dynamic media channel (Audio, Visual & Interactive). Mobile Advertising is driving conversions rates by offering much more engaging media, as opposed to traditional advertising.

So, there is a huge opportunity (Again – USA alone $100bn today plus another $16bn gap), the mobile companies have some distinct advantages, and consumers are hungry for multi-faceted campaigns. So where is it all going wrong?

Our experience shows that Mobile Operators to-date have not had a platform available to them to address this opportunity. They have been constricted to partaking in eco-systems owned by the very OTT vendors that are taking advertising $ from their own customers or an option to present non-targeted programmatic adverts in exchange for a questionable reduction in consumer handset experience.

As has already been seen in the market, the early integrator gets the worm; and fundamental to winning in this gigantic market is selecting the perfect mobile engagement solution. A mobile engagement platform with the ability to produce impressions at a scale of billions, gather in-depth insights, deliver interactive media & perform extensive segmentation are all pivotal to running successful mobile campaigns.

At mAdme Technologies Ltd. we are celebrating over 2 Billion Impressions in the first 6 months of 2017.

We enable the presentation of digital engagements in a way that allow you to comply with regulations, respect consumer preferences. All this – plus the ability to scale to 100s of millions of subscribers, deliver interactive video, surveys, full screen, partial screen imaging – with monetisable actions that are trackable from cradle to grave.

Want to know more?

Reach out to us here or find out more about the future of mobile advertising at

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